National Miniature Goat Association

National Miniature Goat Association


Nmga                   MEMBERSHIP,

               HERDNAME and PREFIX FORM

                       P.O. Box 183 Smithville, IN 47458

                                            Make checks payable to:NMGA

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Type of Membership- (check one)

_________Regular Membership  $5.00   

_________Auxiliary Membership $15.00




1. Date ________________

2. Name____________________________________________

3. Farm Name(if any)__________________________________

4. Address__________________________________________

5. City ________________________State_______ Zip_______

6. Phone________________ E-mail_______________________(newsletters are sent to this e-mail)

7. Web Page__________________________________________

8. Herdname_________________________________1st Choice


                           _________________________________________2nd Choice


9. Prefix (Right Tattoo) ________ 1st Choice    _________2nd Choice      

10. Would you like to be added to the online breeders listing?     YES    NO 

(Listing will include name, city, state, phone, email and website. If you would like more information or less included, contact the office)                                                     

Your Prefix will also be your Member Number.

Your Herdname will be the first part of all registered names; keep that in mind when choosing one.

Example: If your Herdname is Kids R Us and the goats name is Hank,

                  the name will be registered as Kids R Us Hank